URL Redirect: Static and Dynamic


After participants have submitted their responses, you have the ability to redirect them to the URL of your choice. Whether this URL is the website of your organization or specific project, or even a new copy of the same survey, this feature provides you with the ability to lead participants in a helpful direction even after the survey is done.

Two types of URLs are available: static and dynamic.

Static URL

A Static URL is a web address that remains the same for every participant. Each survey participant will be redirected to the same URL after survey completion.

Example Scenario: You want to conduct an online quiz and want to redirect a series of participants to the same quiz.


Here are the steps to set up a Static URL as a redirect option:

  1. Under the Design tab, create or select to edit an existing survey.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Go to THANK YOU PAGE, select Re-direct, and toggle the switch to select Yes for ‘Would you like to display a Thank You message at the end of the survey?’.
  4. From the dropdown menu, select the type of URL as Static.
  5. Specify the survey participation URL in the space provided, and save the changes.


  1. Preview your survey. On the Thank You page, you will see the Continue button. Clicking Continue will lead to the selected URL. In the example below, clicking on Continue after submitting responses to the quiz displays a new instance of the quiz. The same person or someone else can then participate in the same quiz.

Dynamic URL

A Dynamic URL changes based on the responses provided by the survey participant. The piece of the web address that changes is called a variable. These variables are the survey responses.

Example Scenario: You may want to redirect survey participants to domains that they selected while taking your survey.
Follow steps in this example situation to set up a Dynamic URL as a redirect option for your surveys:

  1. Add a Drop Down or Radio Button question in a survey, specifying various domains — Yahoo, Google, Bing, Baidu.
  2. Click on Settings.
  3. Go to Message and Chain Invite,  select Re-direct, and toggle the switch to select Yes for Re-Direct.
  4. In the dropdown displayed, select the type of URL as Dynamic.
  5. Select the chosen question number. In this case, Q1 refers to the domain.
  6. Copy the question code provided and paste it in the URL, as shown in the screenshot below.



  1. When the survey has been submitted, a Continue button will be displayed on the Thank You page. As soon as the participant clicks on this button, he/she will be redirected to the domain that was selected while participating in the survey.