Use Your Mail Server

By default, all emails are sent using SoGoSurvey’s mail servers, but you can choose to send them through your mail servers, too.

You may use your mail servers when participants are not able to receive emails from an outside server. However, when using your own mail servers, you will not be able to track who the emails have been delivered to.

To configure your mail server to send emails, follow the steps listed below:

    1. Click on your account name in the top right corner, then choose Settings from the drop down menu.
    2. Click Outbound Email Settings from the menu on the left.
    3. Select Use your Mail Server under Select Mail Server to send emails.
    4. Click Edit.

  1. Configure Server Settings.
    • Outgoing Mail Server(SMTP): Provide details of the outgoing mail server, i.e. SMTP details provided by your company or the third party tool used for sending invites.
    • Port: This represents the port number for the outgoing server provided by your company or the third party tool used for sending invites.
  2. Specify Login Information
    • Account Name/Password: The account name entered below should exist on the outgoing mail server. Some users have an email address as their account name while others use the name before the ‘@’ sign. Review details with the email account administrator for accurate information.
  3. Email Confirmation
    • Email Address: The Email Address provided here receives the first email letting you know that the email relay has been configured. You must authenticate the relay settings for activating the setup using the activation link provided in the email.