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Project Basics
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                                      • Account Settings
                                        • Good to Know

                                          Use Template Bank

                                          SoGoSurvey provides beautiful ready-to-use templates such as HR Surveys, Customer Surveys, Event Surveys, K-12 Surveys, Higher Education Surveys, Healthcare Surveys, and Government Surveys. Feel free to use these as a starting point for your own projects.

                                          When you start from the Template Bank, you’re already starting with a survey, so you’re off to an excellent head start!

                                          Start From the Template Bank

                                          1. To get started with a template, you have a few options:
                                            1. On the Home page, click on Template Bank in the middle of the screen.
                                            2. On the Home page, click Create Survey, then choose to start from the Template Bank.
                                          2. Once you’ve selected the Template Bank, you’ll see a pop-up that lists a menu of categories for every project.
                                          3. Choose your project type from the drop down on the left.
                                          4. You may search for a specific survey, or navigate through the folders of surveys available within each category for each project.
                                          5. For each project, you’ll see a description, the number of questions, the number of times the survey has been used, and an estimated participant completion time.
                                          6. Click on the Preview tab to review the full survey.
                                          7. Click on the Results tab to see a sample report.
                                          8. For an offline copy, click Download.
                                          9. If you’re within the Create Survey flow, select the survey you’d like to use. If you’ve been exploring the Template Bank, click Copy into Account & Edit to continue.
                                          10. If the survey contains question or answer fields that can be pre-filled, you can fill these fields here.
                                          11. Customize your survey to meet your needs.