Verbatim Responses

By default, open-ended text answers are displayed in both card and word cloud views to provide enhanced visibility of responses. Open-ended response questions not formatted as ‘general’ will only be displayed in card view.

Card View

By default, complete responses for a selected number of participants will be displayed on individual cards, with an option below to see all responses.

Customize Card View

Hover over a card to display these options:

  • Bookmark a response
  • Hide a response
  • Add to Canvas
  • Show participant details, including response number, date and time of participation, access method, and IP address

Bookmarked and hidden responses can be viewed separately by selecting your choice from the question options.

You can select and hide/bookmark multiple responses at the same time.

From question options, you can display any open ended question at the end of the report.

Word Cloud

A word cloud is a visual representation of text responses that highlights terms based on their frequency of use. Larger words indicate higher frequency of use.

To learn how many times a certain word has appeared among responses, hover over the word itself.

Word clouds are only displayed for textbox questions formatted as ‘general’.

Customize word cloud

To customize display or add it to the canvas, hover over the word cloud and click on the three-dot icon that appears.

  • Click Add to Canvas to copy to the report canvas.
  • Click Customize Word Cloud to modify the display, including:
    • Max Words: Identify the maximum number of words to be displayed. Default is 50.
    • Word Orientation: Choose the direction(s) in which words should be presented, namely Horizontal, Vertical, Horizontal & Vertical, or Angled. Default is Horizontal & Vertical.
    • Filter Words: Click this link and then enter any words you’d like to have removed. Choose to apply this filter from this or all open-ended responses.

By default, pronouns, articles, and other common words are filtered out. Click here for a full list.

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