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SoGoSurvey packages can be classified under four major categories, namely Basic, Plus, Pro, and Premium. Different feature offerings are provided in each of these packages. While Basic is a free version, Plus, Pro, and Premium are paid.

By default, paid subscriptions are annual recurring, but you can try out these paid versions for free before actually paying anything. SoGoSurvey offers a free 7-day trial of each of the paid versions. You get to try out all the features of the package you sign up for.


  • SoGoSurvey’s Basic package is absolutely free. You don’t need a credit card to conduct your survey, so feel free to try it out. The Basic package helps you get acquainted with the SoGoSurvey platform. The account is free for a year, allowing you to upgrade to any of the paid versions at any point within this time period, if you wish.
  • This package type generally fulfills the needs of our one-time customers, who would like to deploy surveys quickly and get instant results. The basic package is mostly popular among individuals who conduct surveys for their personal use or who want to get a feel of the software before upgrading to a paid subscription.
  • The Free/Basic package comes with the following limitations:
    • 15 surveys
    • 30 questions per survey
    • 125 responses (This is the total limit for the account for a year)
    • One instance of Simple Branching for an entire survey


  • The Plus package gives you access to all simple question types, plus allows you to create quizzes, embed surveys, and email reports. You’ll continue to have full access to the Plus package until the end date of your current billing cycle.


  • In addition to all features of the Plus package, the Pro package offers access to features such as Advanced Branching, White-Labeling, Automatic Reminders, File Library, Condition-based Filters, and Importing Offline Responses. You’ll continue to have full access to our Pro package until the end date of your current billing cycle.


  • While other plans are useful for some purposes, the Premium package allows you full access to all of our platform. The combination of basic and exceptional features allow you to customize your usage to your unique requirements every time. Features such as Auto Save, Save on Next, Switch Invitations, Edit Response, Export to SPSS, and URL Branding make this package distinctive from the rest. You’ll enjoy continued access to our Premium package until the end date of your current billing cycle.

The following table lists the distribution of various features among different packages:

Note: The billing cycle starts the date you sign up and will be renewed on the same day of the forthcoming years, for your annual recurring account.

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