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CX Project

    Introduction to Customer Touchpoints

    During their experience with your brand, customers interact with you at a variety of different points. From finding your business online to completing their first purchase, each of these steps along the customer journey are referred to as Touchpoints.

    Identifying Touchpoints is the first step in creating a customer journey map and ensuring that your customers are satisfied every step of the way.

    Create Touchpoints

    Each CX project can be linked to a single Touchpoint representing a single interaction in the customer journey. When viewed together, a complete set of Touchpoints will give you a better understanding of customers’ experiences at each stage.

    To link a new project to a Touchpoint:

    1. From Home, click Create a Project.
    2. Start a new CX project from scratch, as a copy, or from a template.
    3. Name the project (e.g., New Customer Response).
    4. Identify a Touchpoint you’d like to link to this project (e.g., Post Checkout).

    One project can be linked with only one Touchpoint.

    To modify/add/delete a Touchpoint from an existing project:

    1. Open your project and navigate to Design.
    2. From the Design menu bar, click Options (settings gear icon).
    3. Select Project Details.
    4. Modify the Touchpoint field content. You may add new text, modify existing text, or completely delete text to remove the Touchpoint.
    5. Click Save.