More about Non-Profit Member Satisfaction Survey

How involved are your non-profit’s members? Are they actively participating in your organization and its events? How can you improve involvement and increase donations? To get your members and prospects to take affirmative actions, you must address their personal needs. Every organization is different, so the types of information you choose to collect will vary according to your objectives.

Access to demographic and personal information can help you connect your members’ actions – attending events, purchasing subscriptions, or discontinuing memberships—to the motivations and attitudes that prompted the actions. Demographic information also assists you in identifying the characteristics your key members and prospects have in common.

Spend more time transforming your vision into a reality. SoGoSurvey’s Non-Profit Membership Survey results can help you uncover the metrics you need to track in order to drive performance. Start a conversation with valuable members; identify areas of interest and growth opportunities, then leverage these insights to keep donors happy and increase support and fundraising efficiency.

Online Fundraising Feedback Survey

Understand the experience of your online donors to ensure the process is clear and their comfort and security are well addressed.

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Organization Information Survey

Gain a better understanding of the methods and practices of an organization, adding transparency to decision-making.

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Strategic Planning Survey

Examine perspectives on your organization’s goals, progress, and more to evaluate, revise, or create your strategic plan.

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