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Ensure your non-profit is here for good

Uncover data-based insights to help you achieve your vision.

Use your resources wisely

Surveys are essential to successful non-profits, prompting management improvements, cultivating support, and helping to create sustainable organizations. The benefits of online surveys abound, but we get it. Non-profits have a lot to manage, and resources are tight. At SoGoSurvey, we want you to focus on advancing your mission, not worrying about costs and fundraisers. That’s why we offer every certified non-profit a free annual license for our SoGoSurvey Plus plan. It’s our way of paying it forward to the people who are giving back.

I love SoGoSurvey's advanced branching tools. They help me deliver a complex survey in a user-friendly format and still get the detailed information I need.
Tracey Birosak, Organizational Excellence Specialist
American Association of Critical-Care Nurses

Free and easy surveys for non-profits – what could be better?

Free is only the half of it. Easy is the other. We give non-profits both. Drag and drop your way to creating your next volunteer feedback survey, event evaluation, or fundraising trends report.

Survey experts at your service, 24/7

Not sure what to do, how to do it, or what to do next? Never fear. If you get stuck, our customer support team will get you back on track, any time of the day or night.

Smart reports

Transform data into actionable reports

Presentation-ready right out of the box, our reports help non-profits express their findings, enlighten stakeholders, and draw connections to inform meaningful change and improve future initiatives and fundraisers.

Provide employees a safe space

Private and confidential

Confidential and anonymous surveys gather candid feedback and up to 3 times more responses. Give respondents the privacy and confidence they need to share freely with your non-profit.


Engage survey takers with images, video, and audio that illustrates your vision. Using our survey software, you can also embed multimedia to gauge the appeal of design concepts or new fundraising campaigns.

Free Survey Templates

Built for mobile

More and more people respond to surveys via mobile devices. Our survey platform for non-profits automatically optimizes surveys to look great on any smartphone or tablet.


Many languages, one mission

Connect with your diverse community and auto-translate your survey into any of 37 languages. Our survey software pulls the results together to simplify reporting.


Bond with branding

Grow the community’s attachment to your organization, brand, and mission by adding your logo and colors. Customize look and feel to complement current content, then redirect to your site afterward for a seamless experience.

Paper surveys

Certain surveys call for paper. Create your evaluation form or questionnaire, download and print it, and we’ll upload your data so you can track responses and run reports.

Data privacy and security

Preserving the trust of your stakeholders and staff is fundamental for non-profits and NGOs. We maintain the highest standards for international data privacy and security so you can rest easy.

Non-profits fly free!

With our free annual non-profit license, run multiple surveys, collaborate among users, and gather unlimited responses – all the features of our SoGoSurvey Plus paid plan.

Connections that build community

Outreach – anywhere, anytime

Using online surveys can amplify your outreach. Connect with supporters and donors through the channels that meet their needs, fit your message, and achieve your goals. In addition to email, embed surveys and polls on websites or send via SMS. Allow donors and volunteers to share your survey with their networks, reaching like-minded people who would potentially support your mission.

Contact management for non-profits, simplified

Engaging your contacts should grow your relationship, not drive people away. With our online survey tool, you can implement a process of conscientious, attentive contact management that also improves team collaboration. Schedule invitations, and send automated reminders and thank-you emails. Personalize each touch point, track responses and results, and control global opt-outs. Respond in the moment to time-sensitive or negative feedback using custom alerts. Use touch rules to avoid survey fatigue and keep your supporters on your side.

Design with your audience in mind

To gather thoughtful responses and meaningful data, create surveys that let your participants know you value them and their time. Pre-populate information you already know, such as demographics, roles, previous activities, and more. Using piping and skip logic, streamline survey takers’ path by asking only relevant questions. They’ll love you for it, and your membership and loyalty programs will benefit.

Visionary reports

Putting data into action makes surveys worthwhile. Applying advanced analytics, you can drill down by demographic, by responses – any criteria you choose. Review trends over time, and use cross-tabulation to hone in on the factors contributing to your success or struggle. Generate dynamic links to allow select team members and stakeholders to access real-time results, and visualize metrics and insights. Run professional reports, complete with tables, charts, and graphs, to get stakeholders on board with initiatives and

Fully customizable survey templates for non-profits!

Member Satisfaction Survey

Keep subscription levels and event attendance high. Find out whether members feel they reap the benefits they expect.

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

To attract and retain quality people, understand what makes your volunteers feel happy and fulfilled, and what might be contributing to attrition.

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Donor Feedback Survey

Learn who your donors are, and why they give. What do they have in common and what more can you do grow your relationships?

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Fundraising Feedback Survey

To help guide future fundraising initiatives, ask donors and members and the community to weigh in on what’s working and what makes them participate.

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Organization Information Survey

Get volunteers, staff, and leadership on the same page and improve organizational effectiveness. Did they meet their goals, and did they have the support they needed to succeed?

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Volunteer Recruitment Survey

Gather feedback from volunteer coordinators, managers, and organizers to affirm your organization is doing all it can to support volunteers and improve and grow the resources available to them.

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Strategic Planning Survey

Controlling costs while raising funds is a challenge for every non-profit. Get ground-level feedback as to what would cost-effectively enhance development efforts and deepen relationships with donors, grantors and members.

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Board Governance Survey

Board Governance Survey

Effective governance will determine whether your organization thrives and survives. Identify challenges that are holding you back, and what would have a meaningful impact on strategy and direction.

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