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Your non-profit organization is fueled by charity, so you know better than anyone that your donors are your lifeblood—and their opinions matter. It is critical to find out where you can make improvements to your fundraising efforts so donors will be more likely to give again, as is learn more about your donor base to target your outreach efforts for even more support.

Provide your donors with an easy opportunity to give you the valuable information needed to be more successful in your fundraising. SoGoSurvey’s customizable Online Fundraising Feedback template makes it easy to reach out to donors and collect their feedback. Get the answers you need to help improve your donors’ online giving experience and listen to the needs of your contributors.

Based on donor responses, you can determine the effectiveness of your campaigns and outreach, whether they would contribute to your organization again, and what issues are most important to them. You’ll have all this important new data at your fingertips to easily analyze your success in reports and dashboards that you can share with your entire staff.

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Follow up on events and other activities by asking volunteers what worked and what should change to improve future opportunities.

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Non-Profit Member Satisfaction Survey

Improve satisfaction for all members by learning more about their experience with your organization, communication, volunteer opportunities, and more.

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Board Governance Survey

Drill deep to understand how your members feel about the board’s performance, diversity, and leadership, then take informed action.

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