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Our comprehensive survey maker software supports any type of survey.

Everything You Need to Make Online Surveys
Built on the most secure network possible, SoGoSurvey allows newbies and pros alike to craft smart, engaging, effective online surveys. Our online survey maker incorporates customizable designs and templates, distribution management and automation tools, and industry-leading reports.
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Distribute surveys through any medium you like - email, SMS, online, social media - with our online survey maker. Track responses and send automated, custom replies.
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Analyze data through our integrated real-time reporting module. Review and share results using professional, presentation-ready reports, charts, and graphs.
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From Customer Research to Product Development and Employee Engagement, SoGoSurvey’s platform allows hundreds of companies around the global redefine their future and improve their bottom line.

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“Amazing support, robust enterprise-grade survey platform...”
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SoGoSurvey is a feature-rich modern online survey tool that is pleasant to use and is a good value. Its reporting function is a notch above many competitors.

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Make online surveys people want to take

Make your own survey using advanced survey question formats, appealing templates, and an intuitive interface to elicit insightful feedback from your target audience.

Question Branching
Build your surveys to ask only the questions you need, getting the data you want. Our Branching tool lets you tailor questions, making all your interactions with customers as quick and positive as possible.
Survey Templates
Professionally designed and optimized to help you create a polished and productive survey every time.
Fully Anonymous Surveys
Protect the identity of every employee or consumer who responds to your surveys. Our default privacy settings focus on the data gathered, protecting the user and encouraging honest feedback.
Live Data Reporting
Once you’ve launched a survey, our system tracks all the responses live, in real time. You’ll always see the complete picture using our platform.
Enhanced Data Security
Our platform is built to adhere to the highest security standards available. No one is going to see your data unless you want them to, protecting the privacy of your participants and the valuable data you’ve gathered.
Help Available 24/7/365
Having a technical issue? Can’t get a particular question formatted properly? Or maybe you just want to have someone walk you through the basics. Our team of technical experts and trainers are standing by!
Polished Reports
Unlike other companies, we don’t want you worrying about designing reports after creating your survey. Our auto generated reports can be customized with the charts you want with just a few clicks. When you're ready, simply export presentation-ready results.
Survey Delivery Options
Some people live on their phones. Others want to handle everything on their laptops. Our platform lets you tailor your design and delivery to reach them via their most preferred method.
One Platform. Hundreds of Uses

When you build a platform this agile and secure, new and inventive people are always finding ways to use it.

Customer Satisfaction
  • Respond to any concern immediately
  • Learn what you don’t know
  • Show customers you care
Human Resources
  • Improve onboarding for new employees
  • Identify training opportunities
  • Organize charity events
Market Research
  • Find out what moves consumers
  • Test out new ideas
  • See a huge impact from small campaigns
  • Improve patient care
  • Ensure privacy
  • Check in on patients in need
  • Build school communities
  • Evaluate student progress
  • Register for new classes
Event Planning
  • Track headcount
  • Collect instant feedback from attendees
  • Make sure everyone enjoys the food
Powerful, Flexible Online Survey Maker

We have devoted hundreds of hours to the design, development, and optimization of our free survey maker's online tools and templates. No matter your industry, target demographic, or line of inquiry, SoGoSurvey can get you started today.

Customer Satisfaction
Employee Satisfaction
Market Research
Resident Satisfaction
Candid Responses, Instant Results

Make an impact with an online survey maker designed to reach the right sources, gather quality information, and deliver immediate results. Try our free survey maker online and start engaging with your audience today!

Fort Belvoir Residential Communities LLC needed a way to connect with residents, ensure their needs were being met, and improve satisfaction. Managing a busy community on an Army base brings its on special demands, but the main issue was a common one: participation. To collect feedback after maintenance calls, a mail-in postcard was left for residents -- but these were rarely returned. Weak participation meant weak data.
Teaming with SoGoSurvey and automating their communications with residents saw their response rate explode by over 900%.
As they've expanded their outreach beyond simple maintenance follow-ups, our Residential Survey messages and questionnaires have made a big impact on resident satisfaction – new and old. Giving customers the tools they need to learn more about the businesses and the people they serve is the heart of our mission at SoGoSurvey.


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