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The smart solution for targeted research projects.

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Fortify your research using targeted, responsive participant groups

You know what you want to know. You know what questions to ask. You know who has the answers, but don’t have a way to reach them – or so you thought. Then SoGoSurvey came along.

Drive business intelligence with market research panels
  • Our survey panel services professionals assemble the perfect pool of participants based on your chosen criteria. We help you determine the optimum number of respondents to give context to your questions and answers. Clear, customizable, presentation-ready reports can be easily shared, allowing colleagues and leadership to make informed decisions based on the results.

The best online survey tool for survey panel research - hands down.

Whether you’re after in-the-moment feedback on a new product or in-depth research on a key demographic, SoGoSurvey offers a panel research solution and online survey platform that will make the most of your results.

End-to-End Administration

Do it all in the same secure platform: design, build, distribute, collect responses, analyze results.

The Right Connections

Targeting specific demographics ensures you meet your objectives and fulfill your quotas.

Actionable Insights

Make informed decisions using a suite of customizable reports to reveal layers of market intelligence.

Top Quality

Reach exactly the audiences you need to provide quality responses that create meaningful results.

Real-Time Results

Watch in real time as your data comes in, delivering accurate results for immediate survey satisfaction.


Our simple yet sophisticated online survey tool combined with tailored panels provides exceptional value.


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