Collect and Manage Data Like Never Before

SoGoSurvey’s data management tool lets you import data to existing projects, or export your data into all of the most popular formats. Protect the integrity of your data as you take your analysis to the next level, maximizing your efficiency and ensuring every angle is ready for reporting.

“This is a great product for those looking into creating surveys and being able to automatically export analysis onto other platforms. I highly recommend this product for those looking for ease of use, personalizing, and receiving great customer service when needed.”

- Amanjot Kaur, Rowan University

Rowan University Testimonial
Export Survey Results to Excel

Export Survey Data to Excel

One of the most commonly used formats, Excel is an easy choice for those who want to export survey data for archiving or additional review. It’s easy to export to Excel, too – you’re a click away from downloading data directly to Excel.

Export Survey Data to CSV

Collect responses and export data according to the more technical specifications of CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format. Once your survey data collection is complete, make sure content is formatted correctly for any further analysis.

Export Survey Results to CSV
Export Survey Results to XML

Export Survey Data to XML

When you need your survey data in XML (Extensible Markup Language), SoGoSurvey delivers your data quickly and easily. Whether you’re sharing with a human or a machine, get your XML to go!

Export Survey Data to HTML

To share your data in a web-friendly format, choose to export your data to HTML. Good-looking results are ready to publish, making transparency simple.

Export Survey Results to HTML
Export Survey Results to SPSS

Export Survey Data to SPSS

While SoGoSurvey comes with all the reports you need to analyze your data, some organizations have an SPSS standard for raw data analysis, too. Prepare your data for SPSS before it leaves the platform, keeping your results secure.

Export Survey Data to Word

If you prefer to review your data in Word, no worries! Export directly to Word and review your results at your convenience.

Export Survey Results to Word
Export Survey Results to Access

Export Survey Data to Access

SoGoSurvey’s data management makes exporting your results to Access seamless. Secure retrieval of your results across more formats – what’s not to love?

Export Survey Data to SoGoSurvey1

If you’re planning to make changes to your data or add new entries, then upload back into SoGoSurvey for reporting and analysis, this is the format you want. You’ll find export simple and import seamless.

Export Survey Results to SoGoSurvey1
Import Survey Data into SoGoSurvey

Import Survey Data for Deeper Analysis

If your survey data collection included other tools or platforms, quickly import your data into SoGoSurvey to gain insight through our powerful reports.
– Expand reports with trend analysis
– Make the most of past data
– Input additional responses to current projects


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