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Survey Reports Designed For Insight

SoGoSurvey’s reporting tool lets you create beautiful, insightful, real-time reports with ease. Choose from an array of options to analyze complex data and display the precise results you need in the customized perfection you’re looking for.

Jenna Warner, The University of Texas at Austin

"I really liked being able to track the responses like who opened the email and who completed the survey or not. My boss was very impressed with the graphs I sent her."

Various Types of Survey Reports
  • All The Right Report Choices

    Choose the perfect survey results report type from a wide range of options, then run real-time reports that crunch data and generate professional charts, graphs, and tables you can easily share. Frequently used reports include:
    • Bar Graph Report
    • Statistical Report
    • Comparison Report
    • Cross Tab Report
Share Survey Reports on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
  • Share Reports on Social Media

    SoGoSurvey makes it quick and easy to share survey reports on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. With just a few clicks, close the loop with your participants by posting any saved reports to social media.
Export Reports to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Integration

    With SoGoSurvey, creating professional, presentation-ready reports for clients and colleagues is simple. Customize to your preference, then export to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.
    • Quickly generate visually striking presentations
    • Create professional charts, graphs, and tables to share survey data analysis easily
    • Ensure results are well received by decision-makers
Share Real-Time Survey Reports
  • Email Real-Time Survey Reports

    Share dynamic reports with colleagues while your surveys are live, making the most of your data. Use results to inform outreach, maximizing responses during your survey window.
    • Reports update as results come in
    • Customize email design and content
    • Set report expiration date to control access
    • See how often the report is viewed
Save Survey Analysis Report
  • Save Survey Reports

    SoGoSurvey lets you save your customized reports for quick reference and easy sharing. Save time with saved reports – no need to start from scratch each time.
    • Quickly generate, modify, or delete saved survey results reports
    • Share reports with others via email or social media
    • Export reports to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
Apply Filters to Reports
  • Filter Manager

    Easily create filters based on the simple or complex conditions of your choice. Apply to reports, maximizing the power of your analysis.
    • Build filters on the fly as you create reports
    • Modify draft reports by quickly applying new filters once you’ve already seen results
Export Survey Reports to Native PowerPoint
  • Export Survey Reports to Native PowerPoint

    To ensure easy access to your report presentations, SoGoSurvey lets you export directly to native PowerPoint. No matter the version of PowerPoint your recipients have installed, they’ll be able to open your presentation and review your survey data analysis as you intended.

Check out these frequently used survey reports:

Bar Graph Report
  • 1. Bar Graph Report

    Get a quick snapshot of your data with SoGoSurvey’s Bar Graph Report. You’ll see an aggregate of responses to every frequency question, with the opportunity to drill down for more detailed information.
    • Choose from 10 customized graphs
    • Drill down on individual answers
    • Share reports in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint
Statistical Report
  • 2. Statistical Report

    Take a close look at all numerical questions, letting SoGoSurvey run all your calculations for you. Choose to keep it simple, identifying statistics like average, mean, and mode. Or, look at the big picture, such as observing response trends for a particular survey question like year-to-year satisfaction with a product or service.
Conditional Report
  • 3. Conditional Report

    Create conditional reports to take a close look at results of a specific sub-group or during a specific time period. These reports let you analyze and react to the impact of a certain variable or set of variables on your results.
Cross Tab Report
  • 4. Cross Tab Report

    SoGoSurvey’s Cross Tab Report lets you investigate the relationship between survey questions. With a third “parent” question, compare these relationships across different groups of participants.
Comparison Reports
  • 5. Comparison Report

    Compare two to ten data sets from a single survey in order to see how different groups responded to particular questions. View your survey report formatted in table and graph to make results clear and easy to read.
Frequency Reports
  • 6. Frequency Report

    View total counts and percentages for every question and every answer option. When you need to know how many, choose from one of several types of frequency reports to meet your needs.
Verbatim Report
  • 7. Verbatim Report

    Use SoGoSurvey’s Verbatim Report to view responses to all open-ended questions or other text boxes. Bring all the content together to make thematic analysis simple. Or, you may choose to group responses into separate segments by a given question for easier analysis or distribution.
Individual Participants Report
  • 8. Individual Report

    Simply put, the Individual Report lets you see all survey responses from a single participant. Drilling down and many other options are available at this level. This report is a powerful addition to features like Instant Thanks and Rules & Alerts, and comes in handy with assessments.
Pivot Table Report
  • 9. Pivot Table Report

    Investigate relationships between multiple variables, selecting one question and cross-tabulating it with several other questions in your survey. Beyond the Cross Tab Report, the Pivot Table allows for even deeper analysis.
Survey Response Trend and Rate Analysis
  • 10. Response Trend and Rate Reports

    Observe participation over time with the Response Trend Report, allowing you to decide when to send reminders. Response Rate Reports let you identify participation by group, so you’ll know how many people you’ve heard from out of those expected to respond. Use your data to strategize communication and improve response totals long before the survey closes.
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