Ideal for beginners and those sending a quick basic survey on occasion. Free for life, no credit card required. Upgrade anytime. Want to see more? Start with a trial.


No credit card required


No Frills, Easy for Beginners

15 surveys

30 questions

125 responses 125 responses for all surveys per year

125 email invitations

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Basic features include:

Simple branching

Multilingual surveys

Basic real-time reports

Contact management system

Mobile-ready surveys

Built-in online poll application

Standard 24/7 email support

Ideal for individuals and smaller teams looking to run simple, straightforward surveys.

$144/ year

Or $12/MONTH Billed Annually

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Serious Starter Package

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited questions

Unlimited responses

1500 email invitations/month

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All Basic features and following:

Branching/Skip logic

Add your own survey logo

10 Advanced real-time reports

Custom themes, colors and more


Export data in multiple formats


Redirect participants to any URL

Embed multimedia

Ideal for small and mid-sized organizations planning regular surveys for employees, customers, and other stakeholders. Take advantage of advanced survey design features and reports.

$480/ year

Or $40/MONTH Billed Annually

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Business-Class Power

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited questions

Unlimited responses

Unlimited email invitations

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All Plus features and following:

Advanced branching

Prevent ballot box stuffing

Import survey data

Best-in-class real-time reports

Built in assessment or quiz tool

Data population

Auto-translate survey questions

Save and edit or complete later

Quota management

Secure survey URLs with HTTPs

Rule based email alerts

Anonymous survey

Ideal for organizations ready to use surveys to their strategic advantage. Track trends, control branding, and keep your data safe. Plus, one-on-one training and the highest priority support. Welcome to the good life.

$1190/ year

Or $99/MONTH Billed Annually

or Buy Now

Complete Control, Dedicated Support

Unlimited surveys

Unlimited questions

Unlimited responses

Unlimited email invitations

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All Pro features and following:

Complete white label

SSL encryption for entire platform

Merge multiple survey data

SPSS integration

URL-based pre-population

Data cleansing module

Integrated Google analytics

Invite via text message

Auto-save responses

Phone-based onboarding

Chat-based support

Dedicated account management

Priority 24/7 email support

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