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A strategic plan sheds light on an organization’s unique strengths and relevant weaknesses. If key stakeholders are committed to its implementation, a strategic plan can provide an invaluable blueprint for growth, enabling an organization to assess where it is, determine where it wants to go, and chart a course to get there.

The demands on people’s time means that strategic planners must look for ways of accelerating the planning process. Increasingly, non-profits that see the value of strategic planning are looking for ways to engage in the process without taking any more time than is necessary.

Designed to identify areas of high need and importance in the planning process, SoGoSurvey’s Strategic Planning Survey helps you capture key information and gain insights critical to the future success of your non-profit. SoGoSurvey also gives you access to the survey reporting tools you need to analyze results of your strategic planning survey, empowering you to make informed decisions.

Board Governance Survey

Drill deep to understand how your members feel about the board’s performance, diversity, and leadership, then take informed action.

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Donor Feedback Survey

Find out how satisfied donors are with their experience and with how their funds are used so you can improve future efforts.

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Fundraising Feedback Survey

Uncover fundraising successes and challenges so you know what to repeat and what to change to increase satisfaction and grow loyalty.

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