Completely revamped user interface
Revamped User Interface
Attractive, intuitive interface inspires usage
Optimized flow saves time at every step of your project
Drag and drop questions onto your survey canvas
Preview as you go, making design fast and simple
Survey canvas displays exactly what participants will see
Drag and Drop Survey Questions
New question types
New Survey Question Types
Powerful new options let you collect the answers you need
Radio Grid
Check Box Grid
Rating Radio Grid
Rating Drop Down Grid
Rating Scale Grid
Beautiful new survey templates
Wow participants by taking your survey to the next level
Use existing templates or customize to match your brand
Add a background image to enhance your survey’s style
New Survey Templates
Introducing mobile survey templates
Mobile Survey Templates
Design once, deploy anywhere – surveys look great on web, mobile, and tablet
Choose mobile-specific templates to customize each participant’s experience
Preview offers web, tablet, and mobile views
Numerous enhancements in survey customization
Improved matching of survey colors and appearance to your website
New method to set your own survey URL
Intuitive UI lets you add your logo directly to the survey
Enhanced interface when removing SoGoSurvey branding
Survey Branding and Personalization
Directed Branching, Question Display Logic (Skip Logic), and Quota options
Branching and Skip Logic
Apply logic choices directly to the questions that matter, rather than in a separate menu
Enhanced IntelliMatrix options – apply Branching to maximize Matrix Grid potential
More intuitive UI shows or hides relevant follow-up questions as you build
Data Population updates
Improved interface makes applying Pre-Population and Post-Population easy
Data Pre-Population
Multilingual survey design interface improved
Multilingual Survey Features
Platform options make it easy to conduct your survey in 37 languages
Enhanced auto-translate option provides a translated survey in seconds
Completely redesigned Publishing
Improvements help you reach your participants where, when, and how you choose, including:
Password-based email invitations, with password in URL (Unique Invitation)
Social media posts
Website-embedded surveys
SMS invitations
Survey Participation and Distribution
Stylish new email templates
Beautiful Email Templates
Impress participants with freshly designed templates
One-step customization saves time by letting you choose your changes
Preview invitation before launch
Quick Look feature offers data on invitation usage and effectiveness
Enhanced automatic reminders
Schedule reminders as soon as you launch invitations
Send automatic reminders for only those who have not yet responded
Automatic Survey Reminder
More powerful and intuitive Rules and Alerts
Rules and Alerts
Send alerts when responses meeting your set conditions are received
Updates make Rules and Alerts even easier to use
Improvement in anonymous surveys
Keep participant details secure and hidden from everyone
Anonymity is maintained throughout, including in reports
Anonymous Survey
Reports redesigned and reorganized
Enhanced Survey Reports
Beyond an improved UI, each report features important metrics at the top
Survey start date, end date
Survey invitation statistics
Survey response information
All 16 reports have been completely redesigned. Already the best reporting engine in the business, we're still improving
Dedicated Poll and Assessment Tools
Polls and Assessments are now separated into their own tools with dedicated features and options
Assessment tool & Poll tool
Advanced Help Center options available on every page
Video based User Guide
Help Center menu of options lets you pick your method of support from any page
User Guide enhanced and expanded to serve technical needs and best practices
Training videos available on every topic
All the resources you need for a successful survey project are available on-demand.
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