Survey Data Collection and Management Has Never Been Simpler

SoGoSurvey’s data management tool gives you all the flexibility to import data to existing projects, or export to all of the most popular formats. Your data integrity is protected while you take survey data analysis to the next level, maximizing efficiency and ensuring your reports cover every angle.

Basic Features

Advanced Features

Export Survey Data to Word

Export directly to Word and review your results in this straightforward, common document format.

Logic and Branching

Get the insights you need by targeting the ideal audience with survey panel services.

Export Survey Data to Excel

Excel is a popular export option in survey data management that allows you to perform and share further survey data analysis or archive the results.


Comprehensive anonymity means better quality feedback, higher response rates, and increased comfort and security for participants.

Export Survey Data to Access

SoGoSurvey’s data management software exports to Access so you can securely retrieve your results in this database format.

Complete Custom Branding

Build brand recognition with every detail, from logo and style to white label and custom URL options.

Export Survey Data to HTML

Publish attractive results and expedite transparency by exporting your online survey data collection to web-friendly HTML.


Embed and share simple and elegant forms to streamline your data collection processes and improve reporting.

Export Survey Data to CSV

Once your survey data collection process is complete, export results according to the technical specifications of CSV (Comma-Separated Value) format for further analysis.

Single Grid

Group multiple Radio Button or Check Box questions in one grid.

Export Survey Data to XML

When you need your survey data in XML (Extensible Markup Language) for human or machine use, it’s ready in no time.

Matrix Grid

Group related questions in a grid format using multiple question types.

Export Survey Data to SPSS

Keep results secure and continue with additional reporting by preparing and exporting data for use in SPSS.


Find out how likely customers are to recommend you to others in one simple question.

Export Survey Data to SoGoSurvey1

If you’re planning to make changes to your data or add new entries and then upload it back onto SoGoSurvey for reporting and analysis, this is the format you want. You’ll find export simple and import seamless.

Image Choice

Ask participants to click on the image they prefer.

Import Survey Data for Deeper Analysis

For a broader perspective, import all of your data - multiple surveys, different tools, various formats - and our powerful reports will analyze trends and uncover new insights.

Drill Down

Built-in logic allows multiple layers of discovery in a single question.

A top-ranked survey platform full of features that work as hard as you do. Success comes naturally.

Seriously fast, utterly reliable customer service.

It’s just one of the reasons we have a 97% retention rate. Our rapid-response customer support team is ready to help 24/7.

"SoGo offered a wide array of methods for analyzing and presenting the data. They were powerful, readily customizable and intersected well with SPSS."

Paul Horn, Principal

BootStrap Consulting


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