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Our free academic plan lets you save time and money on a platform that works as hard as you do.

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SoGoSurvey’s free academic license

Educators make a difference, and we want to help. Get started with our Plus package for free today, and you’ll soon be collecting the data you need quickly and easily. Whether it’s for academic research or course evaluations, for alumni outreach or student assessments, you’ll have the power you need to support your important work.

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  1. Sign up for a free SoGoSurvey account.
  2. Give SoGoSurvey a try. If you’re happy, “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment about your experience or your favorite feature.
  3. Include a link to by copying and pasting the following code on your academic institution’s website. Please do not modify this html code here. The license is active as long as the link is active & accessible on home page of your academic website.


What link should I embed?

Surveys are powered by <a href="" target="_blank" title="Provided by SoGoSurvey" style="text-decoration:none;">Survey Software<br /><img src="" style="border:none" alt="Provided by SoGoSurvey"/></a>

How soon will my free account be upgraded? - Within 24 hours of receiving your email with all the necessary information.

What goes in the email?
– Your SoGoSurvey account username
– The Facebook account name through which you Liked and commented on our page
– The URL of your academic institution’s site with the SoGoSurvey link

How long does it last?
– As long as the link is active and accessible on your academic site.

Please note: By accepting a Discounted Academic License, you give us permission to reprint your comments, including your name, in SoGoSurvey marketing materials.

Review the Feature Comparison List to better understand each plan, then take your pick!

SoGoSurvey offered affordable academic pricing for in-house assessment needs of a university department. Its user interface is customizable and instantly mobile-ready, making it easy to apply in academic settings when you want students to give instant feedback via their mobile devices.
Diane Vincent, Associate Professor
Biola University

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