Free Online Survey Software for Students

We offer students from accredited educational institutions a free annual license to use SoGoSurvey.
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The free annual student license has the same features as the SoGoSurvey Plus paid plan, such as advanced question types, piping, and advanced reports.

SoGoSurvey is committed to helping students do their research. We believe strongly in paying-it-forward to the community, and this is one easy way we can help. And, of course, we hope you like our software (and our company!) so much that you’re motivated to continue using SoGoSurvey once you graduate.

To get your Free Annual Student License

  1. Sign Up for a free SoGoSurvey package with your student email address.
  2. Give SoGoSurvey a try, to find out whether it suits your needs.
  3. If you feel SoGoSurvey can help your scholarly pursuits, "Like" us on Facebook, and leave a comment on the SoGoSurvey Facebook page telling us about your experience. For example: What’s your favorite feature, and why? What kinds of survey are you creating? What did you learn from the research you conducted?
  4. Tell the world about your use of SoGoSurvey! Post a public article, blog post, or online forum message explaining what you did (and, we hope, how SoGoSurvey made a difference), including a link to the website. Then send us a link to the article.
  5. Email your request to

If you don’t have a standalone blog, feel free to use one of the many other public media, such as or a LinkedIn post.

If you’re unable or unwilling to meet the criteria above, you can take advantage of our discounted pricing for students. See the details at the bottom of this page.

What to include in your email message:

Your request for the free annual student license should include:

  1. The username of your (currently free subscription) SoGoSurvey account
  2. The Facebook account name you used when you Liked and commented on the SoGoSurvey page
  3. The URL of the blog post or article that you wrote about SoGoSurvey

Within 24 hours of receiving your email, we will determine your eligibility. Assuming you meet all the requirements, we will upgrade you to a Free Annual Student License. If you don’t qualify, you can still get a discount (see below for details on a Discounted Student License).

Note that by accepting a Free Annual Student License or a Discounted License, you give us permission to reprint your comments, including your name, in SoGoSurvey marketing materials.

How to Cite SoGoSurvey?

As part of this program, we expect you to cite SoGoSurvey in the academic materials you create. Please give SoGoSurvey credit by citing it in your thesis, term paper, blog, or other publications.

A SoGoSurvey reference should contain the following:

  1. Name: SoGoSurvey Inc.
  2. Location: Herndon, VA, USA
  3. Website:

How to Renew

The student license is for a one year period. To renew:

  1. Write a new comment on our Facebook page about your experience with SoGoSurvey, perhaps describing your favorite feature, or telling us about research that the software helped you to accomplish.
  2. Write a public article about SoGoSurvey and post it on your blog or any other online forum.
  3. Email your renewal request, including the link to your article, to

[+] What if I can not meet all the requirements listed above?


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