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Free annual non-profit license

Non-profit organizations worldwide use SoGoSurvey to support the important work they do every day. No matter the project, our online survey software provides the resources non-profits need to make a difference in their communities.

If you’re a non-profit organization, let us support your work. Our Free Annual Non-profit License includes access to all the features of the SoGoSurvey Plus plan, such as advanced question types and numerous reporting options.

To get your free annual non-profit license:

  1. Sign up for a free SoGoSurvey account.
  2. Give SoGoSurvey a try. If you’re happy, “Like” us on Facebook and leave a comment about your experience or your favorite feature.
  3. Include a link to by copying and pasting the following code on the home page of your non-profit’s website. Please do not modify this html code. The license is active as long as the link is active and accessible on home page of your non-profit’s website.

Surveys are powered by <a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Provided by SoGoSurvey” style=”text-decoration:none;”>Survey Software<br /><img src=”” style=”border:none” alt=”Provided by SoGoSurvey” /></a>

  1. Email your request to

What to include in your email to

  1. Username of your SoGoSurvey account.
  2. Your Facebook account name from which you liked and commented on our page.
  3. The URL of your website from which you have provided the link back to our website.

Within 24 hours of reviewing your email, we will determine your eligibility and upgrade you to a SoGoSurvey Non-profit License.

– We may reprint your comments, including your name, in SoGoSurvey marketing materials so we can share your experience with others.
– *To be eligible, you must be a certified 501(c)(3) organization in the US, or equivalent.
– Didn’t find what you’re looking for? Just drop us an email at

"It's an excellent product for a very good price! SoGoSurvey saved us thousands of dollars over using a different software. And we love, love, love the technical support."

- Chrissy Morse, World Vision

World Vision

“SoGoSurvey is flexible and customized, allowing me to create any type of survey needed with a specific look. It’s really easy to use, too – both to create a survey and then to analyze the results in numerous ways.”

- John Butorac, Cargill



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