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Sample Surveys and Templates

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  • K-12

Customer Feedback Form

Add this form to your website or other locations to collect continuous feedback and suggestions at any time.

Employee, HR, Manager

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Finding out how customers feel means knowing how to improve.

Employee, HR, Manager

Product Evaluation Survey

Hear from customers about their experiences with a specific product and your company overall.

Employee, HR, Manager

Retail Store Evaluation Survey

Gather valuable feedback following a customer's visit.

Employee, HR, Manager

Pre-Event Survey

This survey can be used in advance of an event to help with planning and preparation, including identifying location ...

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Engagement Survey

Uncover the key drivers that move your employees forward – or not.

Employee, HR, Manager

Employee Work-Life Balance Survey

Keep your team satisfied and retain them longer with a regular assessment of how well they are able to balance both p...

Employee, HR, Manager

Manager Effectiveness Survey

Use candid employee feedback to strengthen leadership.

Employee, HR, Manager

Training Evaluation Form

The purpose of this form is to evaluate the effectiveness and effect of employee training. Questions emphasize the pu...

Employee, HR, Manager

Engagement Survey - High School Students

Measure engagement among high school students to ensure you're doing all you can to keep students involved and on tra...

Employee, HR, Manager

Professional Development Needs Assessment

If your staff needs to know, you need to know! Provide the necessary support to be sure everyone is well trained for ...

Employee, HR, Manager

Teacher Professional Development Survey

Collect feedback on professional development offerings to make improvements for future programs.

Employee, HR, Manager

Tenant Satisfaction Survey

Regularly collect feedback from tenants to ensure they’re satisfied and comfortable.

Employee, HR, Manager

Strategic Planning Survey

Examine perspectives on your organization's goals, progress, and more to evaluate, revise, or create your strategic p...

Employee, HR, Manager

Brand Awareness Survey

Where does your brand rank, and what associations do customers have?

Employee, HR, Manager

Bank Customer Service Survey

Customer service matters more than ever, and a bad experience can lead to loss of business quickly. Find out first so...

Employee, HR, Manager

Mobile Banking Survey

Whether you're looking to launch or improve mobile banking, learn more about customers' needs and experiences.

Employee, HR, Manager

Government Always Listening Form

Whenever citizens have feedback, be sure you're listening. Keep channels open and improve responsiveness.

Employee, HR, Manager

Customer Retention Survey

Keep customers happy and keep their business.

Employee, HR, Manager

Presenter Feedback Survey

Collect feedback on a presenter to learn more from your participants about their experiences and preferences so you c...

Employee, HR, Manager

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