Customer Loyalty Surveys

Beyond Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty

Big or small, public or private, whether you call them consumers, donors or members -- you have customers. Believe it in your heart or not, your success depends almost entirely on how they perceive you.

More than thirty years of research has shown that most companies tend to worry more about acquiring new customers than retaining the ones they have. This is like walking on a treadmill and expecting to get somewhere. If a company keeps losing customers at a high rate, its success remains limited. That’s where customer surveys can help because no one is better qualified to tell you how to boost customer loyalty than your customers. The right survey provides an effective way of attaining that insight.

For a long time businesses only surveyed customer satisfaction. It was quickly discovered, however, that satisfied customers were not necessarily loyal customers. (You’ve probably heard of the famous car company that found that while 90% of its customers were satisfied, fewer than 40% ever came back to buy another car from them.) A loyal customer has two traits. First up, the loyal customer returns and buys from you again; and secondly, they “sneeze” about you, i.e., tell others about you. So in addition to customer satisfaction, it’s important to measure customer loyalty.

SoGoSurvey’s Premium and Enterprise packages come built-in with a well-researched and tested Customer Survey that includes loyalty drivers, measuring the emotional, cognitive and behavioral state of a customer beyond satisfaction.

What’s included in SoGoSurvey’s Customer Loyalty Survey
  • STANDARD QUESTIONS – Includes eight tested questions that measure satisfaction and involvement, appropriate for both small and large organizations no matter where you are on the globe.
  • LOYALTY DRIVERS – 20+ questions or factors that influence customer loyalty.
  • ANALYSIS AND REPORT – Includes scores and correlations that allow you to hone in on key areas that will give you the highest impact in customer loyalty. Your SoGoSurvey report will also cite those areas of success to maintain.

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