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Research shows that getting an existing customer to purchase again is significantly more profitable than having to win a new customer. Gartner has gone as far as saying that 80% of a company’s future revenues will come from just 20% of their existing customers.

It’s clear that a key differentiator is delivering an outstanding customer experience with exceptional customer service. When you understand your customers’ needs, interests, and motivations you can continuously fine tune your product and service offerings. The Customer Retention Survey will help to uncover insights and increase customer retention.

Use the Customer Retention Survey to capture data about what your customers really like – and what they wish you were doing differently. Give customers compelling reasons to engage, purchase more, and become loyal advocates – all while delivering profitable results to your business.

Net Promoter Score Survey

Net Promoter Score Survey

Will your customers recommend you to others? Find out who might not – and figure out how to change their minds as soon as possible.

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Sample Survey for Product Evaluation

Product Evaluation Survey

No matter where you are in the development process, there’s always room for improvement. Find out what your customers want to see.

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Sample Survey for Retail Store Evaluation

Retail Store Evaluation

With increasing competition, on the street and online, make sure your customers are having the experience you’re hoping to provide.

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