Employee Engagement Surveys

Big or small, public or private, every company knows its employees are its most valuable asset. Even though many managers realize that they have untapped reserves of positive energy, skill and creativity in their employees, they don’t know how to bring it out. That’s where employee surveys can help. The right survey administered in an environment of trust with a commitment to action will unleash this energy, remove the brakes and your business will take off.

A Thorough Job Satisfaction Survey Includes Employee Engagement

You’ve probably heard the story of the car company that discovered that a satisfied customer isn’t always a loyal one. The research showed that 90% of satisfied customers translated to only 40% in product loyalty. There’s a parallel in HR -- a satisfied employee doesn’t necessarily indicate involvement and retention, but engagement does.

SoGoSurvey’s Enterprise packages come built-in with a well-researched and tested Employee Engagement Survey that measures the emotional, cognitive and behavioral state of an employee beyond satisfaction.

An engaged employee works harder for their employer, giving his/her best every day, and has fun doing it. She/he takes pride in working for the organization, tells others about it, and is able to see the big picture in terms of goals and achievements as opposed to someone who merely punches the clock. Given all the tools on the Web, high performing employees have a lot of choices concerning where they work. Retention is much more influenced by employee engagement than satisfaction or even money.

SoGoSurvey’s tested employee survey, administered with its guaranteed anonymity feature, gives you direct and practical insight on how to unleash talent and create a positive corporate culture. You will know what action to take so your employees will give their best on the job while having fun.

Make sure you’ve thought about everything that goes before and after launching your survey. Every survey is administered within a context of trust, and managers should be trained to respect the anonymity of participating employees. It’s also important that leadership in your organization commits to making changes based on survey results.

What’s included in SoGoSurvey’s Employee Engagement Survey
  • QUESTIONS THAT MEASURE EMPLOYEE SATISFACTION AND ENGAGEMENT LEVEL – Includes eight tested questions that measure satisfaction and engagement, appropriate for both small and large organizations no matter where you are on the globe.
  • ENGAGEMENT DRIVERS – Twenty-four questions or factors that influence employee engagement.
  • ANALYSIS AND REPORT – Includes scores and correlations that allow you to hone in on key areas for your action plan that will give you the highest impact in employee engagement. Your SoGoSurvey report will also cite those areas of success to maintain. You can break the results down to individual departments.

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