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Employee Satisfaction Survey

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Ask for and act on candid employee feedback, building a better workplace that benefits everyone.

Features and templates designed to meet the needs of HR professionals

Our online survey questions include Employee Engagement Drivers that can help you uncover good news as well as gaps in employee satisfaction. Whether it’s work/life balance, compensation, or communication, SoGoSurvey’s powerful dynamic reports help you to take decisive, productive action. Our professional, field-tested HR surveys were designed by experts to give you the employee insights you need.

Employ smart strategies for deep learning

anonymous survey

Complete Anonymity

Boost participation and increase response rates. Anonymous surveys encourage honest answers, leading to key insights about job satisfaction.

Automatic responses

Instant Alerts

Know when responses are received for quick follow-up. Or, send automatic thank-you notes to confirm participation.

adding known demographics

Pre-populate Data

Shorten surveys by adding known demographics, avoiding survey fatigue and allowing participants to focus on the right questions.

intuitive reports

Intelligent Analysis

Out-of-the-box reports measure engagement and drill down on specifics, looking at data by department, tenure, or even job title

Employee Job Satisfaction Survey Templates and Questions

Use our expert-designed samples as they are, or modify them to meet your unique needs.

SoGoSurvey – Cure for the Common HR Manager Headache

anonymous survey

Guaranteed Anonymity

simple design

Intuitive Design

Smart reports

Powerful Analytics

It was an incredible tool to use from an administrator's point of view and for the respondents of the survey it was also easy.
Suzanne Beck, Director and Senior Consultant
Blue Sky Recruitment


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