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Employees are the foundation of any great organization, and companies that design their benefits package to attract and keep top talent gain a competitive advantage. This sample Employee Benefits Survey includes field-tested questions to help you start collecting the vital feedback needed to determine how satisfied your employees are with the benefits they currently receive.
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In today’s competitive business environment, employee benefits are no longer a perk; they’re an expected part of compensation. With the role that benefits play, it’s vital that employers offer the right packages. Furthermore, according to SHRM, more than three-quarters of American workers say their workplace benefits package is an important factor in their decision to take or reject a job.

The benefits your organization offers can also have a direct impact on employee engagement or disengagement. When your benefits plan covers your employees’ basic needs and provides a competitive advantage, you have the right formula to increase employee motivation and engagement.

Does your benefits package meet the requirements of your employees? The Employee Benefits Survey is designed with the fundamental questions you need to turn your data into actionable insights. Its questions gauge employees’ satisfaction and help you ensure your benefits package is meeting their top needs.




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