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More about Employee Work-Life Balance Survey

Employee burnout has become a huge factor in the struggle many organizations face in holding on to their top performers. When employers commit to work-life balance initiatives, they reap many benefits: productivity increases, absenteeism drops, and brand perception goes up – a competitive edge when it comes to recruiting top talent.

Companies have become more tuned in to what employees are looking for. Conducting an employee survey generates valuable feedback so you can get to the core of what employees need, and expect, to experience more balance between their personal and professional pursuits. A comprehensive work-life balance survey can uncover issues that are critical to employee performance, satisfaction, and retention.

The Work-Life Balance Survey questions gauge how employees feel their job contributes to their overall happiness—both in the workplace and at home—and equips companies with insightful data relating to employee perceptions of workload, co-workers, and other important influencers of job satisfaction.

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