Church Member Survey Template

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Listening closely to new members and even to visitors can offer you a fresh perspective on how your community is perceived, as well as ideas on improvements to keep your current members satisfied and attract new members.
Survey Template

As with any other organization, a religious institution must take into account the needs of its members. Unlike many other organizations, however, churches and other religious congregations have many additional needs to take into account. Beyond physical location and infrastructure concerns, members look for spiritual guidance, supportive community, and fellowship in their faith journeys.

The Church Member Survey, highly customizable for any religious institution, offers leaders a simple way to collect comprehensive feedback from all members. While such institutions are more likely to consider members as part of the family than as customers, the same ideals of service and satisfaction apply. Members who are happy and comfortable with their church are more likely to stay, to contribute to the

community, and to recommend it to others. Plus, recommendations collected can lead to positive improvements that will make your institution more attractive for new members. Invite members of your church or religious congregation to join your conversation. Open communication can build a closer, stronger, and more vibrant community, and you’ll find gratitude and feedback in response.



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