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Employee Self-Appraisal

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While self-evaluation may only be part of the performance review process, it serves as a valuable chance for employees to reflect on their experiences, identify room for improvement, and prepare to connect with employers on a joint review.

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Employee Self-Appraisal

Employee Self-Appraisal


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Employee Self-Appraisal

Performance appraisal can be a sensitive topic for all involved. Both evaluating someone and being evaluated can be scary, but for many the scariest evaluation of all can be a look in the mirror. Anyone who has ever reflected on progress toward personal goals knows it’s true: we can be our most accurate critics.

The Employee Self-Appraisal is a simple tool employees can use to evaluate their work and progress toward goals within a given time period. The opportunity to reflect alone can be valuable, and this document can provide a very helpful starting point for review discussions with managers. Paired with the manager-completed Performance Appraisal, the Self-Appraisal offers balance to the review process.

Employees whose personal reflections are valued as part of their evaluations will continue to develop reflective habits throughout the year and are more likely to continue to make improvements no matter their point in the review cycle. Ask employees to complete regular appraisals of their own work throughout the year and they’ll be better prepared for manager reviews when the time is right.

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