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Performance Appraisal Survey

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Providing feedback on employees is an important part of many cycles, including human resources, professional development, and budget. Keep the process simple and ensure continuous improvement by implementing an effective performance appraisal schedule and tool.

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Performance Appraisal Survey

Performance Appraisal Survey


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Performance Appraisal Survey

Providing feedback on employee performance can be a challenge, especially in smaller organizations or very close-knit groups. Religious institutions and faith-based organizations can pose unique challenges, as members may be accustomed to working together to promote positive messages and may feel uncomfortable sharing any negative feedback.

No matter the environment, feedback can definitely be beneficial, and every person in any role has room for improvement. Keeping the evaluation conversations professional and respectful are key, and the Performance Appraisal offers an excellent opportunity to get started. While the form is highly customizable, employees are offered the chance to provide feedback on employees’ progress toward their goals and other work carried out since the last evaluation.

The clarity provided by a consistent offers employees, in turn, a better understanding of expectations and how they are measuring up. The performance appraisal process can be a healthy and productive part of a successful employee engagement plan and should be carried out regularly and systematically. Better quality tools lead to better measurement, and the process itself leads to improvement.

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