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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

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Available with Plus and above packages


Available with Plus and above packages

Beyond staff members, volunteers often provide the most significant support for many events and initiatives, and some would be impossible without their involvement. Keep them satisfied and close and they’lll keep coming back.

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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Volunteer Satisfaction Survey


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Volunteer Satisfaction Survey

Once you’ve recruited volunteers and they’ve completed your application and review process, they’re on their way to representing your organization and serving your mission. Ensuring a positive experience for them leads to better service on their part and improved retention for ongoing or future volunteer activities.

The Volunteer Satisfaction Survey offers a simple opportunity to check in with your volunteers to better understand their experiences serving with you. Break down their experiences by event or activity, support by staff members, and satisfaction with the role they played, and you’ll end up with plenty of data to share with your staff members and improve future volunteer support.

Many activities and events could not be run without volunteer support. Ensure you’re supporting your volunteers and they’ll stick with you to ensure the success of your shared mission.

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