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Despite the convenience of online banking, a 2017 TimeTrade survey found that 48% of respondents visited a bank branch once a month or more. The bank branch of the future is transforming to be more engaging and interactive—so too must the branch survey of the 21st century, starting with questions that will help drive new branch strategies.

Branch Service surveys are your opportunity to learn more about customer satisfaction levels and improve the choices your branch makes to enhance the customer experience. Questions must shift away from routine transactions (which are increasingly handled by technology) and more on the total experience.

  • Are customers getting what they want when they want it?
  • Do they feel engaged in whatever channel they interact: mobile, online, in-branch?
  • Do they see your branch as a place for answers about how to manage money in their lives and not just a place to do routine transactions?

Brick and mortar bank branches are still a key channel for servicing customers (e.g., resolving problems and dealing with more complex transactions). You need to engage the people coming into your branch (as well as those who rarely set foot in it) to ensure they are getting an integrated experience that is making their lives easier and more productive. SoGoSurvey makes it easy to create the survey you need with the customizable Branch Service survey template.

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