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Bank Internal Service Survey

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At many banks, internal support staff do not fully realize the impact their role has on attracting and retaining customers. By delivering feedback from the colleagues they serve through the Bank Internal Service survey, team members become more connected and able to focus their efforts on aspects of their job that influence customer perceptions.

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Bank Internal Service Survey

Bank Internal Service Survey


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Bank Internal Service Survey

One of the benefits of measuring internal service is the message it sends: Everyone is responsible for service—not just those who interact with customers. Customer-facing employees often receive feedback about things they feel they can’t control, placing the burden of making customer satisfaction improvements too heavily on their shoulders

All personnel must be aware that enhancing the customer experience is a strategic priority. They must also understand that their own jobs and functions affect the experience of customers and buy into the notion that improving their own performance will improve things for the customer and for the organization as a whole.

Holding all staff accountable for the service they provide goes a long way in getting employees on board with creating a company-wide service culture. It’s important to know what factors affect bank employees’ satisfaction and how to enhance their productivity. SoGoSurvey’s Bank Internal Service survey measures inter-department communications to ensure employees can share information efficiently and solve issues effectively.

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