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Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey

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As credit unions grow, the challenge of delivering excellent member experiences also grows. In today’s competitive financial services marketplace, member feedback with the Credit Union Membership Satisfaction survey will help guide your decision-making process and service offerings to ensure you’re best meeting your members’ needs.

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Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey

Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey


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Credit Union Member Satisfaction Survey

Credit union members have higher expectations of their institution than bank customers, and while credit union member expectations have continued to rise, so has member satisfaction. According to findings released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), credit unions are ranked first in customer satisfaction, significantly outpacing all other financial institutions.

Credit unions must continually look for ways to enhance the value of credit union membership, and remain completely dedicated to member service. Member surveys identify a credit union’s competitive strengths, areas needing improvement, and opportunities for attracting more of its members’ business. Identifying and reinforcing these areas ultimately improves a credit union’s member satisfaction and bottom line.

Obtaining member feedback should be an integral part of any credit union’s strategic planning process. Capture important data with SoGoSurvey’s Credit Union Member Satisfaction survey and empower your employees to provide outstanding, member-focused service.

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