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Mobile Banking Survey

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The old adage ‘be where they are’ is certainly true in banking, with online and mobile banking emerging as the preferred ways to manage bank accounts. If you want to compete, the mobile experience you provide will soon become critical. The Mobile Banking survey asks the right questions to ensure you are meeting your customers’ mobile expectations.

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Mobile Banking Survey

Mobile Banking Survey


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Mobile Banking Survey

A positive customer experience is channel sensitive—customers place a higher weight on digital experiences than on physical or call center channels. In fact, according to the American Banking Association (ABA), online and mobile banking are the two most preferred methods for consumers to manage their bank accounts.

However, success is not driven by just adding more bells and whistles, but rather the right features and benefits to satisfy customers’ needs. Competitive rates and fees matter, but innovative banks attract customers with the allure of a better customer experience. You need to ask right questions to understand customers’ mobile needs and expectations to discover the product or solution that’s just right for their individual situation.

Be proactive in keeping your customers happy and loyal. The Mobile Banking survey’s customizable template allows you to gather valuable feedback that could and will make a real difference in the customer experience—and your bottom line.

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