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A dental practice is often judged by the smiles it produces. Of course, looks aren’t everything, and it’s important to drill down into the nitty gritty details that lead to a smooth patient experience.

Check in with patients through the Dental Care Satisfaction Survey to develop a full picture of their experience with your dental practice. From the way they found your office to their most recent care experiences, learn more about every step of their patient journey. If they used insurance, was the process simple and easy for them to understand? Did they experience a long wait, or any pain during their treatment? Would they recommend your office to others? Dive even deeper by including or pre-filling demographic questions so you can track any trends and follow up as needed.

You work hard to give patients a healthy smile. Make sure it’s a happy one, too, by learning from their feedback and implementing changes to improve their experiences.


Hospital Concern for Patient Satisfaction Survey

This survey gathers information to understand a patient's satisfaction after a hospital visit. The survey asks questions to understand how patients feel the staff cared for them, their experience with aftercare, and their overall satisfaction.

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Medical Examination Services Survey

This survey gathers information to understand a patient’s medical examination. It asks questions to understand the speed, efficiency, and comfort of the examination.

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Patient Dental Care Survey

This survey seeks to understand a patient’s experience after their dental care. The survey asks questions to get a grasp of the patient’s comfort, ease, and pain during their visit, as well as their overall satisfaction and their experience with billing and insurance.

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