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Every complex organization needs regular review to ensure its moving parts are working together smoothly, and a hospital is no exception. In fact, the critical nature of the work at hospitals absolutely requires flawless cooperation — asking humans to behave in a superhuman manner.

As members of a complex community of moving parts, every employee has valuable feedback to provide. The Employee Internal Satisfaction Survey provides the perfect framework for facilitating this conversation. Customization to the key departments and offices of your hospital or practice allows participants to share their experiences with those in all areas. As a result, the reporting stage offers an easy opportunity for department supervisors and staff to review the feedback they have received from across the organization. Such data points can provide valuable insights and clear next steps on how each department can improve its efficiency and processes.

A hospital requires the balance of providing high-quality human care and compassion with delivering the efficiency of a highly tuned machine. Ensure that all the elements are in top form to provide your patients with the best possible experience.


Patient Medical History Form

This is a simple survey designed to gather medical information from patients. This survey asks questions to understand the patient’s physical and habitual medical history, as well as their demographics.

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Pre- and Post-Operative Care Feedback

This survey gathers information from patients to best understand their care experience before and after an operation. The survey specifically emphasizes pre- and post-treatment interactions with staff. Based on needs, this survey may be split into two parts to capture pre- and post-operative experiences separately.

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Customer Service Feedback Survey

This survey attempts to understand a patient’s experience of a Doctor’s office. The main purpose is to gather information to understand how to improve their customer service.

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