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More about Hospital Billing Feedback

A visit to the hospital can be scary and stressful, even when it’s planned. Of course, the priority should be placed on patient comfort and quality of care at all times. Long after the visit, though, issues can linger, including billing problems. Prioritize addressing billing challenges and you’ll go a long way toward patients’ impression of your institution overall — as well as helping them with their own recovery.

The Hospital Billing Feedback Survey collects data on the reason for the hospital visit, length of stay, and other demographic details, as well as building a picture of the patient’s experience with the billing process. Any issues with using insurance, understanding the bill itself, processing problems, and ensuring accuracy of charges are addressed.

Keep patients as healthy and happy as you can by making sure they’re focused on their recovery, not following up with a messy paper trail. Feedback can also help you to improve your processes, keeping the stress level low for staff members, too.


Outpatient Occupational Therapy Feedback

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Physician Practices Survey

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