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More about Hospital Concern for Patient Satisfaction Survey

Every aspect of a patient’s experience has an impact on his or her overall satisfaction with the hospital itself. Of course the priority must be on improving a patient’s health, but recognizing the patient as a customer, too, can help to broaden attention to all areas covered by the idea of customer service.

The Hospital Concern for Patient Satisfaction Survey is a simple, direct, and customizable online survey tool that allows hospitals to develop a clear picture of patients’ experience at every stage. From the admissions process to insurance processing, and from satisfaction with treatment and staff, key data can be collected and even segmented by demographic details, type of treatment, or any other filters that matter. The more you can drill down on results, the better prepared you will be to take meaningful follow-up action.

As customers, patients can have a big influence on the identity of your hospital in the community and beyond. Negative issues can be spread through word of mouth, or even more rapidly through social media. Ensure patients’ needs are met and they’re more likely to turn into brand ambassadors sharing their positive experiences.


Pre- and Post-Operative Care Feedback

This survey gathers information from patients to best understand their care experience before and after an operation. The survey specifically emphasizes pre- and post-treatment interactions with staff. Based on needs, this survey may be split into two parts to capture pre- and post-operative experiences separately.

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Customer Service Feedback Survey

This survey attempts to understand a patient’s experience of a Doctor’s office. The main purpose is to gather information to understand how to improve their customer service.

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Staff Performance Feedback

This survey gathers information from patients to understand their experience with the staff at the clinic they attended. The emphasis of this survey is on the staff’s performance.

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