Patient Satisfaction Survey Template

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Time to complete 7 minutes(approx.)

Check in with patients following a hospital visit to understand their satisfaction level with key elements of their experience and their overall satisfaction.
Survey Template

While improved health is definitely the ideal outcome of any hospital visit, there are many more elements that contribute to patient satisfaction. It goes without saying that healthier patients are more likely to be happier patients, but a real measure of satisfaction requires a bit of a deeper dive.

The Hospital Patient Satisfaction Survey is a strong instrument for measuring many key aspects of the patient’s experience. From quality of communication with staff to pain management, from facilities to follow-up, questions follow the patient journey from beginning to end. Patients are asked to rate their satisfaction with their rooms, their caregivers, and their overall experience.

Further, a collection of demographic information (which can be pre-filled to streamline participation) offers the opportunity to capture any trends in experience among or across certain patient groups. Encourage hospital health along with patient health, knowing that the tools and treatment that can make a difference are right in your own hands.



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