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Hospital staff spend plenty of time evaluating patients, but what about turning the tables? When patients have the chance to provide feedback on their hospital experience, their perspective can provide valuable insights on opportunities for improvement.

Invite feedback from patients with the Hospital Performance Evaluation, a simple tool designed to capture data on multiple angles of the patient experience. Beyond a quick thumbs-down or thumbs-up, ask key questions that contribute to the overall rating: Was admission quick and easy? Were non-medical staff professional and attentive? How well were any fears or concerns addressed? Were discharge instructions clear and helpful?

Patients are uniquely suited to provide critical feedback on a wide range of hospital experiences, from admissions to care to discharge, and to shed insight on their treatment by staff at every stage. Balance patient satisfaction studies with employee engagement efforts and you’ll improve the experience for everyone.


Physician Practices Survey

This survey gathers feedback from physicians on their satisfaction with their current positions, as well as retirement and other specific questions.

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The intent of the HCAHPS initiative is to provide a standardized survey instrument and data collection methodology for measuring patients' perspectives on hospital care.

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Employee Internal Satisfaction Survey

The employee internal satisfaction survey is for organizations with multiple departments to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of those departments as perceived by their fellow employees.

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