Patient Medical History Form

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Save patient time by an efficient collection of personal information and medical history, ensuring accurate records and realtime updates.
Survey Template

When new patients join your practice or existing patients visit your office, the intake process can get pretty messy pretty quickly. Build efficiency into your processes with a simple and convenient online data collection tool.

Patient Medical History Form templates are hardly a revolutionary idea. For as long as medical providers have been practicing, there has always been a need to collect background data to ensure that patients receive the best possible care. From allergies and past illnesses to hereditary concerns, the more knowledge a patient can transfer to the provider, the better.

Moving this process online improves both efficiency and data quality, ensuring that nothing is lost along the way. Whether this form is delivered in advance via email, or in person on tablet, mobile, or kiosk, the long lists of checkboxes on piles of paper are no longer required. Implement a streamlined process for collecting patient medical history and your patients and colleagues will thank you.




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