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More about Pre- and Post-Operative Care Feedback

A medical operation is a very precise affair, with specific procedures and practices governing every step. Patients must feel absolutely secure and confident in the plan, especially if they aren’t conscious the whole way through. And yet, what about everything that happens before and after?

Clearly, rigorous procedures should also be followed prior to and following a medical procedure. Conducting the Pre- and Post-Operative Care Feedback Survey provides a direct opportunity to find out whether such plans and processes are being followed successfully. This customizable survey pair can be delivered piece by piece, or used to evaluate the entire process. The collection of basic details like procedure type, location, and age range allow results to be analyzed by the variables of choice, ensuring follow-up options become even more evident.

The goal of every operation is to improve the patient’s quality of life. Improve the quality of care before, during, and after a procedure by learning what’s going well and where positive changes can have the biggest impact.


Clinic Evaluation Survey

This highly customizable form is designed to provide valuable feedback on a patient's experience at a medical clinic.

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Dental Office Evaluation

Following a patient's visit to a dental office, gain quick insight into the quality of their experience.

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Doctor’s Office Evaluation

Gather feedback from a patient following a visit to the doctor's office, allowing for quick follow-up as needed.

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