Staff Performance Feedback Survey

One of the most critical components of a patient’s care experience is his or her interactions with staff. Supportive, knowledgeable, and engaged staff can make all the difference in both a patient’s satisfaction with this experience and resulting health-related developments. Disengaged staff members, whether they’re tired and overworked or uninformed and disinterested, can have a huge impact on the quality of a patient’s health and experience.

The Staff Performance Feedback Survey collects systematic feedback on all of the team members a patient encounters during a visit to an office or clinic. From check-in to treatment to follow-up scheduling and billing, feedback is sought on the friendliness and knowledge of staff, the facility itself, and the wait time experienced. Learn whether patients would recommend the clinic, and even filter results by the demographic details or groups that interest you most.

People matter most in the medical field. Be sure your staff members have the right resources and attitude to best serve your patients, and they’ll serve you well by providing high quality care and ensuring patient loyalty.


Doctor’s Office Evaluation

Gather feedback from a patient following a visit to the doctor’s office, allowing for quick follow-up as needed.

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Health Insurance Evaluation

This survey collects participant feedback regarding their experience with their current health insurance plan and provider.

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Hospital Billing Feedback

Following a hospital visit, this form can be used to collect feedback regarding patients’ experience with the billing process.

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