Brief Course Evaluation Survey

Too often, we don’t seek feedback because we don’t want to waste anyone’s time. The class is over, the finals are done, and the grades are in. But wait! Data collection doesn’t have to slow down anyone’s schedule.

The value of the data collected in the Brief Course Evaluation is well worth your while. Once a class is over, there’s still plenty to learn. Were the goals of the course met? Was the structure of the syllabus designed to support those goals? Did activities and assignments ensure that students were engaged? In short, it’s critical for instructors to learn more about the learning experience in order to improve future offerings. A few questions about the instructor, the course itself, and what might be changed, and that’s it.

Send this quick, highly customizable evaluation to university students directly via email or SMS — everything’s faster on mobile! — and get the higher education answers you need in no time.

Professional Development Course Evaluation

Following a professional development course, this form collects participant feedback regarding the instructor, the course itself, and application to current work.

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University Alumni Survey

This survey collects information from alumni including their current contact information, interest in alumni events, and willingess to connect and volunteer.

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Course Evaluation

Gather in-depth feedback from students following their completion of a course. Instructor, goals, materials, and quality of the course are included.

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