Course Evaluation Survey

By the time they reach a college or university classroom, students have many years of learning under their belts. Give credit to their experience and acknowledge their importance by seeking feedback on the courses they’ve completed.

The Course Evaluation Survey collects feedback from students at the conclusion of a course, paying attention to the instructor personally as well as to the course structure and execution. While university educators are leaders in their fields, student feedback can always be a valuable element in the planning of future courses. Collected data can result in new course offerings, redesigned syllabi, and a chance to review the course load and assignments of teachers and professors. Are students seeking more research background or more practical application? More hands-on activities or more lecture? More group work or more independent study? Educators at all levels face these questions, but the stakes are especially high at the college and university level. In higher education, students need the best possible support and preparation for the fields they’ll soon enter.

Collect in-depth feedback from students at the conclusion of every course and you’ll soon be able to identify trends, to make improvements, and to attract and retain happier students.

Brief Course Evaluation

Take the time for a quick pulse check once a course is over and learn what students thought, what they’d keep, and how it can be improved.

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Professional Development Course Evaluation

Following a professional development course, this form collects participant feedback regarding the instructor, the course itself, and application to current work.

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University Alumni Survey

This survey collects information from alumni including their current contact information, interest in alumni events, and willingess to connect and volunteer.

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