Professional Development Course Evaluation Survey

No matter their role, those who work in higher education know the importance of learning. Whether they work on the instructional side or in research, providing administrative or student support, staff in colleges and universities must prioritize ongoing education. Technology, pedagogy, grant-writing, social programs — the possible topics are endless!

A one-time webinar or a semester-long course, every professional development offering can be a valuable growth opportunity or a waste-of-time dud. The Professional Development Course Evaluation provides insight into staff members’ experiences, allowing you to make the important decisions regarding how best to spend time and resources on future courses. Give credit to your educator colleagues, knowing they have valuable feedback to give regarding the educational opportunities they are receiving. An improved understanding of the quality of instruction provided, the relevance of the content, and the expertise and enthusiasm of the instructors can help you to continually improve plans for what’s next.

Use this evaluation following participants’ completion of the course, ensuring the most relevant feedback while the content and experience are still fresh. Consider setting evaluations as anonymous, too, to ensure all participants feel safe in provided candid feedback — the most valuable kind.

University Alumni Survey

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Course Evaluation

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Brief Course Evaluation

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