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Homecoming games aren’t the only reason to connect with your graduates. Reaching out to alumni can have many benefits and open up new opportunities — both for graduates and the institution.

Use the University Alumni Survey to reconnect with your former students and explore the possibilities. When graduates immediately suspect that every outreach is a donation request, something’s not right. Start early and build a relationship with alumni, offering them opportunities to connect with each other, to learn about new university developments, and to grow their pride in their alma mater. After all, the better the reputation of your institution, the more their degrees will be worth! Beyond donations and endowments, seek chances to connect graduates as mentors, guest speakers, and advisors to both your school and current students, helping to increase retention and the value of the education you’re providing.

Learn from your alumni to build and maintain mutually beneficial connections, starting at — or even before! — graduation and developing a strategic plan to keep the conversation going.


Course Evaluation

Gather in-depth feedback from students following their completion of a course. Instructor, goals, materials, and quality of the course are included.

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Brief Course Evaluation

Take the time for a quick pulse check once a course is over and learn what students thought, what they'd keep, and how it can be improved.

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Professional Development Course Evaluation

Following a professional development course, this form collects participant feedback regarding the instructor, the course itself, and application to current work.

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