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Is your brand top-of-mind when consumers are looking to make a purchase? In evaluating a company’s success in reaching its desired customers, brand awareness can be a powerful indicator. When consumers can recall your brand without assistance, then you know your product is well placed in the market. Brand awareness is a vital metric, particularly if you’re in an extremely competitive product category.

When consumers do not spontaneously associate your brand with a product category, but do recognize you as a reputable alternative from a list of brands, you have what’s known as brand recognition. When consumers recognize your brand, it is definitely advantageous, but you will have to work to create top-of-mind awareness.

The Brand Awareness Survey measures brand recognition and recall, and is also customizable with demographic questions to provide intelligence regarding which population segments know the most about you. When you know how aware consumers are of your brand, you can strategically focus your efforts and strengthen your placement in the market.

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