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More about Website Feedback Survey

Website surveys are a powerful way to uncover visitor insights that can lead to improved web performance. The key to a successful survey is asking the right questions at the right time – and when visitors are actually on your website, they’re more likely to share their feedback.

When you engage your online visitors with the Website Feedback Survey template or your customized variation, they’re an endless source of highly relevant, actionable insights. Going beyond the quantitative analysis of web analytics tools, the survey provides a forum for suggestions and a channel for customer insight.

Web analytics tools are good for reporting customer behavior (e.g., traffic, time-on-page, product preferences, etc.), but because your actual customers are engaging with your product, service, or solution, you’re capturing insights that matter. Whether you’re concerned about content, design, or overall experience, collecting feedback via the Website Feedback Survey is one of the most effective and manageable ways to optimize your customer experience.


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